Kraft Foods to Change Name

Kraft Foods said it plans to change its name to Mondelez International, a word it coined (made up) to mean “delicious world.” Apparently this was announced last week, but I just heard about it.

The name reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld, where Mr. Pitt is negotiating a merger of two bottled water companies and the new name was going to be “Moland Springs.” Elaine screws up the merger when she says the obvious: it’s a stupid name.

Nobody wants to drink water called “Moland.” The same applies here, I don’t want to eat “Mondelez Macaroni & Cheese.” Of course, I’m sure they won’t be rebranding all their products as “Mondelez.” I’m sure the “Kraft” brand will stick around. Right?

Irene Rosenfeld, the soon to be Mondelez International chief executive, said when announcing the name change, “Mondelez perfectly captures the idea of a ‘delicious world’ and will serve as a solid foundation for the strong relationships we want to create with our consumers, customers, employees and shareholders.”

Really? Nobody in the board room stood up and said it was stupid name.

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